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The Sexism Behind the Anti-Escort Movement

If you were around in the 1950s, you remember that employment ads in the newspaper were conveniently divided by gender: there were separate listings for “female” jobs and “male” jobs. The 1964 Civil Rights Act ended that, when the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was formed to eliminate discrimination in the workplace. Today, a want ad […]

Published November 27, 2014

Want to watch a lot of porn AND have good sex?

Say you watch a lot of porn. Say you want to have really enjoyable sex. Some people say you have to choose one or the other. Some say that porn changes your brain so you can’t enjoy sex with a real person. Nonsense. If you don’t want sex with a real person, it’s either because […]

Published November 11, 2014

Bad Categories Prevent Smart Conversations

Don’t you agree that people who either murder someone or keep library books overdue should be punished? “Murderers and library book abusers”—that’s an example of a phony category. Other phony categories include “bullies and predators,” “porn and child porn,” and “S/M and violence.” I’ve spoken and written many times about phony categories and moral panics […]

Published November 3, 2014

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My Books

Sexual Intelligence: What We Really Want from Sex and How to Get It

Yes, there is something new to say about sex. Here's a robust perspective about how sex really is, exploring dozens of what will be "Aha!" moments for every reader!

Most people develop their model of sexuality when they have the body of a young, healthy person-which nobody has very long. Thus, we all need a different model of sexuality if we want to desire and enjoy sex throughout our lives. This book provides that model-by enhancing your Sexual Intelligence.

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Audio Programs for Professionals

Working With Couples: Successful Approaches to Challenging Cases

Working with couples can be an exciting & rich experience. But it often includes repetitive battling with clients; complaints that you don't understand one or both of them; the sense of being watched and judged; and unnecessary treatment failures.

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Ask Me Anything

Q: How can I get my object of desire to love me? We have sex together, but she says she isn't ready to commit. What should I do?

Dr. Klein: It is rarely a good idea to try to make someone commit to a relationship. Particularly if you are already having sex, this woman knows you desire her, and knows what you have to offer. She obviously isn't ready to commit, but she is interested enough to have sex periodically. If you can handle the emotional turmoil, allow things to continue as they are. If it is just too painful to have sex with her under these conditions (she might even have other sex partners), explain your difficulty to her and say goodbye.

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Talking With Your Kids About Sex

Whether they choose the role or not, parents are the primary sexuality educators of their children. Yet few parents feel knowledgeable or comfortable enough to do the job adequately. This lively, enjoyable presentation covers topics such as: How to be an “askable parent” Common parental concerns about talking with kids […]

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