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Sexual Intelligence:
What We Really Want From Sex, and How to Get It

Sexual IntelligenceYes, there is something new to say about sex. Here’s a robust perspective about how sex really is, exploring dozens of what will be “Aha!” moments for every reader, such as:

  • Although most people say that what they want from sex is a combination of pleasure and closeness, that’s not what they usually focus on during sex.
  • The similarities between male and female sexuality are far more important than the differences.
  • Sexual function is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Paradoxically, focusing on “function” often undermines sexual satisfaction.
  • Anyone who thinks that orgasm is the best part of sex is missing most of what sex offers.
  • Our desire to be sexually “normal” is precisely what prevents us from becoming our authentic sexual selves.

Most people develop their model of sexuality when they have the body of a young, healthy person—which nobody has very long. Thus, we all need a different model of sexuality if we want to desire and enjoy sex throughout our lives. This book provides that model—by enhancing your Sexual Intelligence.

buy-now“Read this book if you want to improve your sex life.”
–Psychology Today

America’s War on Sex:
The Attack on Law, Lust and Liberty

America's War on Sex“If you’re uncomfortable about blacks, you’re racist; uncomfortable about Jews, you’re anti-Semitic. But today, if you’re uncomfortable about sex, you’re a civic leader.”

That’s Marty Klein at his finest: brutally honest, scathingly funny. The President of the ACLU introduces this powerful book, which shows how the government and Religious Right use the regulation of sexual expression, entertainment, information, and health care to undermine our secular democracy.

Marty’s research shows how today’s public policies attempt to solve the wrong sexual “problems”–guaranteeing more of the real sexual problems with which American individuals and communities continue to struggle. These drive the demand for more repressive “solutions” which, of course, don’t work either.

“Although every Alabaman has a legal right to own a gun, they don’t have the same right to own a vibrator,” says Marty. Untangling myths about “obscenity,” porn’s actual effects, and so-called “activist judges,” this fast-paced, meticulously researched, thought-provoking book addresses:

  • How the Right has demonized sexuality, creating a cultural climate of danger and fear
  • The relationship between repressive public policy and personal sexual problems
  • Why anyone who defends everyone’s sexual rights is perceived as attacking “morality” and safety
  • How the Sexual Disaster Industry harms us every day
  • Why sexual rights are as important as our other freedoms
  • What must be done to stop this war on your sexuality

buy-nowWinner, Book of the Year, American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, & Therapists

Ask Me Anything: Dr. Klein Answers
the Sex Questions You’d Love to Ask

Ask Me AnythingHere’s a comprehensive, fast-paced guide that answers almost 600 of the most intriguing, embarrassing, and important questions about sex. The questions, ideas, and suggestions are a great way to open a conversation with a partner–or potential partner.

Topics include:

  • Desire
  • What is “Normal?”
  • Sexual Etiquette
  • Communication
  • Experimentation
  • Orgasm
  • Parenting
  • …and much much more.

buy-now“Some of the most open, common-sense advice you’re going to find…and Klein is funny to boot.”
–USA Today

Rave Reviews

Your seminar was packed, and no one was disappointed. You bring expertise in sexuality, law, medicine, and public policy—a tremendous combination.

Columbia University, School of Public Health

Both the professional training and public seminars were relevant, interesting, and engaging. Your ideas on negotiating sexual reality made sex and relationships seem feasible. And you handled the equipment glitches with professional aplomb.

The Prostate Centre, British Columbia, Canada

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