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Helping Young People Develop Porn Literacy

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pl-cdIf you’re like most parents, you’re concerned about pornography: Are my kids watching it? How much? What kind? Most importantly, how is pornography affecting their ideas—about men, women, sexuality, and relationships?

Dr. Marty Klein has been researching and lecturing about internet pornography for two decades. He has interviewed performers, collaborated with educators, counselled consumers & their mates, and spent hundreds of hours with the technical people who make the computers and software we use every day.

Now listen to his state-of-the art talk on how internet pornography affects young people, what they need from adults, and how we can provide it to them.

In addition to a lively, entertaining presentation, you also get an honest, down-to-earth question & answer session. Together, they cover topics including:

  • What is porn literacy? How do I help my kids develop it?
  • Why not just tell kids to stay away from porn?
  • Realistically, what should parents be concerned about? What do we not need to be worried about?
  • What about sexting?
  • What do you mean, “sex is more than an activity—it’s an idea”?

The good news is that parents are still the most important sex educators of their kids. With lots of practical examples, this fast-paced video will help you fulfill that role more easily and more effectively.

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Talking With Our Kids About Sex

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talking-cdMany moms and dads find sexuality a challenging part of parenting. Most parents want their kids to have good values around sex and relationships, and they instinctively know they need to say something—but what? When? And what if kids say “I don’t want to talk about it”?

This enjoyable, down-to-earth talk addresses common parental concerns, including:

  • How to talk about sex if you’re embarrassed
  • Social media, online activity, and sexting
  • The age-old adolescent concern—”Am I normal?”
  • How to talk with your teen if you think s/he’s sexually active
  • Talking to your kids about puberty—and why they’ll thank you
  • Party behavior, drinking, and sexual decision-making
  • What parents and teens need to know about porn
  • Talking about sexuality and your faith tradition—without encouraging guilt or shame
  • What to do if you and your partner disagree about how to parent on the subject

Today’s teens live in a world that we never had to navigate. Dr. Klein will share reassuring information and valuable tools to help parents help young people deal with the challenges—and the feelings—they will inevitably face. He’ll share evidence that today’s youth are actually safer than we may imagine. He’ll even talk about how healthy parenting on this subject can lead to family growth.


Secrets of Sexual Intelligence

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sosi-previewSome people feel sexy no matter how they look. Some couples enjoy sex regardless of age, financial problems, or even “dysfunction.” Here are their secrets!

These DVDS explain how to:

  • Accept—and enjoy—your sexuality just as it is;
  • Talk about your sexual needs & desires so your partner can hear you;
  • Custom-design a sexual relationship free of the pressure to be “normal;”
  • Enjoy the many similarities between male & female sexuality;
  • Deal with orgasm, erection, & other difficulties without disrupting your sex life.

Sex is not just for the young & beautiful, or the rich & famous. This video series gives you the tools to make sex easier and more enjoyable. It will transform sex into a place where you can express who you are, instead of hiding who you are; a place where you can feel relaxed instead of a place where you feel pressured. These secrets will turn sex from an opportunity to fail into an opportunity to celebrate. With or without your mate, you’ll enjoy watching these 3 DVDs:

DISC I: Secrets of Sexual Empowerment
DISC II: Secrets of Sexual Communication
DISC III: Secrets of Sexual Satisfaction


These programs contain the best of Marty Klein’s full-day training seminars. Like his seminars, they’re valuable for both long-time practitioners and those just getting started.

Marty’s clinical insights and practical approach will challenge your thinking and deepen your skills; his fast-paced presentations will have you laughing while you learn.

Each audio set is a enjoyable training opportunity for:

  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Clergy
  • Physicians
  • Substance Abuse Counselors
  • Nurses
  • Graduate Students

These CDs can be played on your computer, DVD player, or in your car—so you can listen anywhere.


Intakes & First Sessions: Doing a First Hour So There’s a Second Hour

buy-now(4 CDs or audio download, 4 hours)

What’s the goal of the first session? To have a second session. This seminar will help you do that better.

Early sessions are about figuring out what information we need in order to understand this client — and collecting it effectively. Depending on the answers we get, we generate new questions and a tentative treatment plan on the run. We must provide the reflection, challenges, and relationship the client or couple seems to need — all without scaring them away.

In his uniquely entertaining way, Marty will discuss:

  • Key information to collect and how to evaluate it
  • The structure of therapeutic questions & interventions
  • What is “resistance”? How should we handle it?
  • What is the patient’s “narrative”? Why must we assess it?
  • How does our clinical vocabulary affect clients?
  • Why we shouldn’t let clients tell us their “problems” — and what we should do instead
  • Therapists’ assumptions about emotional health that undermine the information-gathering process.

This practical seminar will help you create that elusive “therapeutic alliance” every clinician wants so much. Whether you’re a new therapist or a veteran, this seminar will help you have more second sessions — and you’ll be laughing while you learn!

Working With Couples: Successful Approaches to Challenging Cases

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Working with couples can be an exciting & rich experience. But it often includes repetitive battling with clients; complaints that you don’t understand one or both of them; the sense of being watched and judged; and unnecessary treatment failures.

This seminar will give you tools to make couples therapy more robust and more personally satisfying.

Topics covered include:

  • Doing a high-impact intake that also motivates
  • Helping couples set goals for therapy
  • Helping couples negotiate — & keep — agreements
  • Helping couples cooperate when angry
  • What makes a good question?
  • Evaluating and working with health issues
  • Identifying and challenging couples’ narratives
  • The myth of “we have a communication problem”
  • Using language to communicate with couples’ unconscious, so they learn on multiple levels

This program will make your work deeper & more personally satisfying-and you’ll have fun listening!

Diagnosis & Treatment of Sexual Issues

buy-now(5 CDs or audio download, 5 hours)

Edited from Dr. Klein’s popular full-day training seminars, this entertaining and insightful, 5-hour set addresses the sexual, intimacy, and relationship issues every helping professional faces. These tapes will challenge your thinking, deepen your skill, enhance your confidence–and make you laugh along the way. Topics include:

  • Effective history-taking
  • Transference & countertransference
  • Rethinking the sexual response cycle
  • Male & female sexual functioning
  • Power dynamics in sexual relationships
  • Sexual aspects of health issues
  • Refocusing our clinical language
  • Sex beyond intercourse
  • Shaping clients’ sexual decision-making

Power, Anger, Trust, & Communication

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Therapists see unresolved power issues all the time–for example, when clients are passive-aggressive, break agreements, or withhold sex. Chronic anger often results, which makes trust difficult to maintain. In such an environment, couples refuse to compromise, partners lie or keep secrets, and relationships lack the good will necessary for self-soothing. This workshop examines how power, anger, and trust issues interact in couples’ systems–and how this can make communication impossible or even counter-productive. Topics include:

  • Configurations of power/anger/trust
  • How clients express power dynamics
  • Distancer-pursuer couples
  • Agreements–keeping, breaking, discussing
  • Why sexuality involves power dynamics
  • Working with raging couples
  • Empowering wounded clients
  • Therapists’ myths about communication
  • How therapists collude with victims
  • Transference & countertransference

Existential Issues in Psychotherapy & Couples Counseling

buy-now(2 CDs or audio download, 3 hours)

Existential issues are internal conflicts arising from the ongoing, inescapable confrontation with the givens of human existence, such as isolation, powerlessness, and the desire for meaning.

This seminar explains how people defend themselves from these painful struggles–with behavior & thinking (the ‘symptoms’) that bring them into therapy. Learn how to help patients understand that truths like these are the real issues with which they are grappling:

  • Loving always involves pain.
  • We are responsible for how we behave–regardless of how we are treated.
  • We have made life choices with consequences we don’t like.
  • We can’t prevent those we love from suffering.

Because clinicians and patients struggle with the same existential truths, they often unconsciously collude to avoid facing these challenges, leading to treatment errors and therapy drop-outs.

This creative presentation describes a practical framework therapists can use to identify, explore and resolve these common, intense, and often unaddressed challenges.

Love, Sex, & Intimacy: Working More Effectively with Individuals and Couples

buy-now(2 CDs or audio download, 2 hours)

Everyone has opinions about love, sex, and relation-ships–which poses a special challenge for therapists.

These innovative, thought-provoking talks focus on the structure of therapeutic interactions: What do we know about love, intimacy, and sex–and the relationship between them? How can we help clients overcome the extraordinary myths continually thrown at them by the media? How can therapists recognize and minimize these influences on our work?

Marty discusses various beliefs therapists have about love, intimacy, power, anger, and loss, and shows how they affect our work. He also presents creative ways of thinking about clients’ decision-making, so you can better help clients change.

Regardless of your clinical orientation or style, these lectures will make you laugh, think–and work more effectively with both couples and individuals

Male Sexuality: From Virginity to Viagra

buy-now(2 CDs or audio download, 2 hours)

Working with men and their sexuality presents unique challenges–and opportunities. This set provides plenty of material to help you work effectively with these issues.

In these 2 fast-paced, funny seminars, Marty articulates and then addresses the common issues every therapist faces in dealing with male sexuality, including:

  • How does sexuality change–and not change–as men age?
  • When is an erection problem not an erection problem?
  • Sexual impact of health issues
  • Sexual side effects of prescription drugs
  • Myths men believe about sex–that therapists believe, too
  • Non-traditional interests, like S/M and swinging
  • Masturbation and pornography

Plus, you’ll find out how erection drugs work; who they’re good for; and common unintended consequences of these drugs.

Rave Reviews

We couldn’t have chosen a better keynote speaker for Sexploration Week! Your presentation was enlightening, really engaged the audience, and brought in aspects of sexuality that we couldn’t have done ourselves.

Indiana University Health Center

An enlivening, zesty experience. I love your work!

Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.

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