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Whether through scandal, public policy issues, surveys, or the latest film, sexuality is almost always in the news. When it is, Dr. Marty Klein is a dependable interview—well-informed, often controversial, always entertaining. And experienced.

Utah Legislature Declares Porn "Public Health Crisis"

“Utah has the highest porn consumption per capita in the nation. The state’s response is to gather a pile of junk science, religious moralism, erotophobia, and discredited abstinence thinking, wrap it in a package of fear and anxiety, and present it as evidence of a Public Health Crisis. They’re begging everyone in Utah to watch less porn.”

“I told NPR that I shared the Utah legislature’s concerns. However, I suggested more conscious parenting, more marital communication, and better school sex education. I also said the legislature’s claims were contradicted by U.S. government statistics and by scientific studies. Finally, I pointed out how a lot of porn highlights the clitoris (a good thing!), but the interviewer asked me to be mindful of the early hour.”

Sexual Intelligence: A New View of Sexual Function & Satisfaction

"Most people say they want pleasure & closeness from sex, but that's not what they usually focus on during sex. The result is sexual 'dysfunction'--and it's why most self-help doesn't help, because it's trying to improve 'function,' which isn't what creates sexual satisfaction. What does?"

Sexuality + Youth + Technology = Panic

"Society fears that young people will use sex to harm themselves or others. And so youth are a sexually repressed minority—with sex-related information, services, and products systematically withheld from them."

"Adults’ panic response to new technology and teen sexuality has created a public policy disaster, with sex education focused primarily on limiting danger and preventing harm. We should instead be helping kids prepare for a life of healthy sexual expression by developing emotional skills, a sense of values, and a humane vision of what they want from sex."

TAM: Junk Science, Moral Panics, & Sex

"Many activists and organizations are committed to maintaining a Moral Panic around sexuality. They use dangerism to describe sex-related “problems” supposedly threatening our families. Using phony categories and bogus statistics, they simply invent “epidemics” like sex addiction, sex trafficking, chatroom kidnappings, and porn’s demolition of marriage."

Dan Savage Podcast: Porn Addiction

"The internet provides the relationship we all fantasize--someone giving and giving endless stimulation without demanding anything. Many people feel powerless in the face of internet porn's limitless choices; we can restore people's sense of agency about this."

20/20: The Age of Consent

"The idea that 16-year-olds can drive but can't make good sexual decisions says more about our anxiety about sexuality than it does about teens."

Reason TV: America's War on Sex

"The Religious Right is using the issue of sexual regulation to undermine secular democracy in the United States."

CBC: Sex Addiction

"When people wash their hands 40 times a day, we don't send them to a hand-washing clinic. The sex addiction movement gets distracted by sexual behavior, and minimizes people's psychology."

CBC: Infidelity

"Infidelity can be a desperate attempt to keep a marriage together after the sex has collapsed."