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Each year, thousands of people hear Marty speak at workshops, conferences, and lectures. These programs are great for:

Social Workers
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Substance Abuse Counselors
College personnel
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Marty is a dynamic presenter offering boundless energy, thought-provoking concepts, timely research, and plenty of humor. Attendees love his unpredictable question-&-answer sessions.

Marty also speaks to popular audiences like PTAs, college students, singles groups, and civic, religious, and political groups.

Whether it’s a conference keynote, all-day training workshop, or entertaining luncheon or dinner program, if the topic is sexuality, love, intimacy, or virtually any clinical issue, you can’t do better than Marty Klein: Professional. Down-to-Earth. Thought-provoking. Entertaining.

Here’s just a sample of Marty’s available programs; feel free to ask for a custom-designed program on the subject you need.

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Sexuality Programs

  • Sexual Issues in Pastoral Counseling

    For clergymembers or lay counselors of virtually all denominations, this seminar includes: Common myths about sex, and how they affect people Affirming sexuality as a healthy part of life Recognizing the most common sexual difficulties Facilitating sexual communication in couples Assessing sexual problems that require a referral The impact of […]

  • Medical Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: Increasing Patient Compliance via Psychodynamic Factors

    An enormous number of patients will take Viagra and similar drugs to enhance their sexual functioning. Too many will discontinue use soon after starting: some because their unrealistic expectations are not met, others because of the unanticipated personal and relationship impacts of the medication. Physicians can increase patient compliance, and […]

  • Sexual Aspects of Health Care

    The problems that bring people into the health care system often have sexual aspects. These problems include chronic pain, limited range of motion, hormone imbalances, depression, fatigue, postsurgical and postpartum adjustment, and medication side effects. Each of these can reduce sexual desire, arousal, functioning, variety, and fulfillment. Sexuality, therefore, is […]

  • Supporting Healthy Sexual Choices Around Campus

    No campus subject is more timely–or more difficult to discuss–than sexual choices. On the one hand, students face date rape, AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, and peer pressure; on the other, they experience the passions of youth, the desire for closeness, and an eagerness to experiment. These presentations help students sort out […]

  • How Therapists’ Sexual Issues Influence Treatment

    An enormous part of our culture, sexuality is a big part of our lives. Not surprisingly, therapists have personal issues around sexuality, issues that influence and sometimes even determine the course of treatment. This workshop will explore many of those issues, examine how they affect our work, and suggest a […]

  • Healthy Childhood Sexuality

    It’s easy to find information about distorted childhood sexuality, but there is far too little discussion of healthy childhood sexuality. Sexuality is a key feature of many developmental axes in a child’s life. In the current climate of sexual fear, however, most parents, teachers, and the media prefer to err […]

  • Sex, Love, and Intimacy: Defining, Discussing, Enhancing

    Many Americans use the words sex, love, and intimacy interchangeably. These do not mean the same thing, however, and our culture’s confusion about this contributes to both relationship and sexual dissatisfaction. This workshop will present innovative definitions of love, sex, and intimacy; discuss how our culture–and psychotherapy–confuses them; examine how […]

  • When Sex Gets Complicated: Porn, Affairs, Kink, & Other Clinical Challenges

    The number of patients involved in pornography, non-monogamy, sadomasochism, and sex toys has dramatically increased. Are we prepared to provide them quality therapy? Every therapist deals with sexual issues-­loss of desire, lack of orgasm, unreliable erections. And, of course, shame, anxiety, and confusion often accompany common sexual issues. But some […]

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Issues: Counter-Intuitive Approaches

    Whether through desire conflicts, chronic dissatisfaction, affairs, or dysfunctions, sexual issues form a large part of every therapist’s practice. This workshop is for psychotherapists of all backgrounds who wish to understand and influence their clients’ sexual functioning and decision-making. Unfortunately, virtually all of us have grown up in a sex-negative […]

Other Clinical Programs

  • Existential Issues in Psychotherapy and Couples Counseling

    Existential issues are internal conflicts arising from the ongoing, inescapable confrontation with the givens of human existence–isolation, powerlessness, responsibility, death, and the desire for meaning. Most people defend themselves from fully acknowledging such realities. Therapy needs to illuminate how these defenses shape the behavior and thinking that brings people into […]

  • Power, Anger, Trust, & Communication

    All relationships have a power component. Some of the guises this takes include passive-aggressiveness, breaking agreements, withholding sex, chronic “forgetting,” intentional incapacity, the distancer-pursuer arrangement, and outright power struggles. When couples do not deal with power issues honestly, anger results. Chronic arguing, conflicts that go unresolved, partners deliberately hurting each […]

  • The Structure of The 50-Minute Hour: Re-Thinking The Clinical Environment

    Therapists handle a variety of interactions–often unexpectedly–about the logistics, context, and meaning of therapy. As we work with clients, we also relate to many other professionals, such as physicians and other therapists. Whether we’re aware of it or not, all of these communications have therapeutic impact. Indeed, how we behave […]

  • Working With Couples: Myths That Undermine Treatment

    Working with couples can be an exciting and rich experience. That richness, however, often includes repetitive battling with clients; complaints that you favor or don’t understand one or both of them; the sense of being watched and judged; and, ultimately, unnecessary treatment failures. Using clinical examples that are usually considered […]

  • Working Deeper: Counter-Intuitive Ways to Enhance Psychotherapy & Couples Counseling

    We all want our work to be deeper and more effective. This workshop highlights common clinical practices that keep therapy from being as long-lasting and psychologically sophisticated as possible. Regardless of your theoretical orientation or experience in the field, this workshop will refocus your ideas and give you fresh insights […]

Popular Presentations

  • Caution: Pursuing Excellence At Work Can Be Hazardous to Your Family Life!

    Ever notice that success in your career doesn’t necessarily translate into success at home–with a mate, kids, friends? In fact, the very skills and attitudes that propel you forward at work may be hindering you at home. Using plenty of real-life examples, this talk tells you why–and outlines what you […]

  • Talking With Your Kids About Sex

    Whether they choose the role or not, parents are the primary sexuality educators of their children. Yet few parents feel knowledgeable or comfortable enough to do the job adequately. This lively, enjoyable presentation covers topics such as: How to be an “askable parent” Common parental concerns about talking with kids […]