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Sexuality Programs

Supporting Healthy Sexual Choices Around Campus

No campus subject is more timely–or more difficult to discuss–than sexual choices. On the one hand, students face date rape, AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, and peer pressure; on the other, they experience the passions of youth, the desire for closeness, and an eagerness to experiment. These presentations help students sort out their choices, handle the pressures, understand their sexuality, and communicate with their partners and peers.

Marty’s humor, ability to put audiences at ease, depth of knowledge, and understanding of the conflicts and joys of sexuality and intimacy make him the perfect speaker for today’s campuses. Students and staff will keep examining and talking about their sexual choices long after Marty leaves campus!

Popular student programs include:

  • Making relationships work: new rules for a new century
  • The 3 Cs of good sex: communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Enhancing sexual relationships in an age of fear and mistrust
  • Flirtation, seduction, attraction, pressure–playing the game so nobody loses
  • Sex, love, and intimacy: One conversation? Two? Three?
  • Men’s sexuality–for women only

Training programs for campus professionals such as counselors, nurses, and residence staff include:

  • Supporting healthy sexual choices in the campus community
  • Sexual aspects of health care
  • Diagnosis & treatment of sexual issues
  • Eroticism, sexual desire, sexual fantasy, and sexual behavior
  • Today’s sexual battleground: defusing the anger, healing the fear, promoting responsibility
  • The professional’s sexual values: how they affect our work, and how we can deal with them

Rave Reviews

Participants overwhelmingly indicated that they learned a lot from you, and would welcome another workshop with you.

The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

Your workshop was one of the highest rated presentations. Participants found your humor, clinical experience, and ease with questions particularly valuable.

American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, & Therapists

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