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In today’s hyper-modern, virtual world, everything seems to have changed.
Traditional therapy approaches just don’t work as effectively as they used to.

Working for 30 years in the heart of Silicon Valley, I’ve been developing creative ways to harness what we’ve learned about people and relationships, coupled with what we’ve learned about linguistics, culture, history, and how narratives are constructed.

The result is a set of powerful therapeutic tools that are counter-intuitive—which I’m happy to share.

Webinar Series I – Sex, Love, and Intimacy

Infidelity: After an affair, who owns the relationship? 

When porn is an issue: Couples in conflict & self-destructive individuals

 Low desire, high desire: Counter-intuitive approaches to desire discrepancies 

“You are NOT the boss of me”: Helping couples reduce & manage conflict 


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Webinar Series II – Working with Couples

Intakes: Doing The First Session So There’s a Second Session

The Sexual Intelligence® Approach to Resolving Sexual “Dysfunction” & Dissatisfaction

The Architecture of Intimacy: Building Couples’ Skills & Motivation

Narratives, “Normal,” and More:  10 Common Mistakes in Couples Therapy—and What to Do Instead


Register for all four — Includes 6 CEUs!

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For each session you will receive:

  • 90-minute video presentation (live access, AND a copy to watch later)
  • Powerpoint slides used during webinar
  • Ideas, interventions, and home assignments you can use IMMEDIATELY
  • 6 CEUs (APA, MFTs, LPC, Nurses, AASECT) if you purchase all four webinars

Yours to keep—listen again, or share with your students or colleagues. Results:

More powerful sessions
Fewer client dropouts
More client referrals

Dr. Marty Klein is a California-Licensed MFT and Certified Sex Therapist. The author of 7 books about sex and relationships, he trains psychologists & physicians across the US & Europe. Audiences call his talks thought-provoking, practical, and entertaining—so you’ll be laughing while you learn. For more about Marty, see

“Marty Klein liberates and provokes—and illuminates the way to change our sexual experience for good.”
–Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity

“To improve your sex life, read Marty Klein’s book Sexual Intelligence.”
Psychology Today


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