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Many moms and dads find sexuality a challenging part of parenting. Most parents want their kids to have good values around sex and relationships, and they instinctively know they need to say something—but what? When? And what if kids say “I don’t want to talk about it”? This informative, enjoyable, down-to-earth talk addresses common parental…

For centuries, pornography was seen as a problem of immorality. In the 1970s, as feminism became a political force, and the religious right expanded its political power beyond its religious base, the problem of pornography was transformed: it became a public health danger. Predictably, when broadband internet brought porn into every American home in the…

Last night I spoke to about 300 students at Ohlone College in Northern California. The topic was Pornography 2016: PornPanic, Public Health, & Porn Literacy. It went just fine, and as always, I was eager to hear people’s questions. Here are some that everyone seemed interested in, along with a short version of my answers.…

Some three million young people will head off to college next month for their freshman year. If one of them was my son or my daughter, here’s what I’d want them to know about sex. Parents, feel free to copy and hand this to your teen of any age. Or print and leave it laying […]

I was interviewed today by the Canadian Broadcasting Company about my concept of porn literacy, especially for young people. Here’s what I said: ~ Parents really need to talk with their kids about porn. It’s everywhere, and kids are going to encounter it—intentionally, or accidentally, or through their friends. It isn’t ideal that kids consume […]


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