Real Sex in a Virtual World: Enhancing Communication, Pleasure, & Satisfaction

We all now live in a virtual world: smartphones, apps, streaming media, the internet. And yet most people want real sex, real relationships, real connection. How do we do that? Is it even possible anymore?

In this talk—for popular audiences as well as professionals—we’ll explore:

  • Why sexual “function” is not what we should focus on.
    Erections, lubrication, and orgasm don’t predict sexual or relationship satisfaction.
  • Why orgasm is an overrated part of sex.
    They’re great, of course, but they can’t make up for what may be missing in the rest of sex.
  • How to watch porn and have good partner sex; how to deal with your partner’s porn use.
    Everyone who watches porn needs Porn Literacy. So do you if your partner watches porn.
  • Mars? Venus? Sexually, men and women are more similar than different.
    Let’s talk about what everyone wants from sex, and how both men and women prevent ourselves from getting it.
  • Why people should never fight using email or texting.
    Even though this is now absolutely “normal” for practically everyone.
  • How the internet changes our imagination and fantasizing.
    And why we need to be conscious of these changes in ourselves in order to make sex and relationships more satisfying.
  • What the internet has not changed about sex—and why it matters.
    Including a few surprises about the one thing that has changed sex for a lot of people.
  • What does predict sexual satisfaction? How can we make sex more enjoyable?
    I’ll give plenty of practical advice—much of which will be surprising.