Talking With Our Kids About Sex

Many moms and dads find sexuality a challenging part of parenting. Most parents want their kids to have good values around sex and relationships, and they instinctively know they need to say something—but what? When? And what if kids say “I don’t want to talk about it”?

This informative, enjoyable, down-to-earth talk addresses common parental concerns, including:

  • Social media, online activity, and apps
  • The age-old adolescent concern—“Am I normal?”
  • How teens look at sex, dating, and hooking up
  • How to talk with your teen if you think he or she is sexually active
  • Party behavior, drinking, and sexual decision-making
  • Kids’ need for privacy vs parents’ responsibility to know
  • What parents and teens need to know about porn
  • What about sexting?
  • Exactly how safe are kids online? And how can we make them safer?
  • How to talk about sex if you’re embarrassed
  • How to share your values without moralizing
  • Dealing with the fear-mongering and moral panics in the media
  • What to do if you and your partner disagree about how to parent on the subject

Today’s teens live in a world their parents never had to navigate. Dr. Klein will share reassuring information and valuable tools to help parents help young people deal with the challenges—and the feelings—they will inevitably face. He’ll share evidence that today’s youth are actually safer than we may imagine. He’ll even talk about how healthy parenting on this subject can lead to family growth.