Bedroom Blues, Therapist Wisdom

Dr. Marty Klein has been a Sex Therapist and Marriage Counselor since 1980–more than 35,000 hours with women, men, and couples. He’s also lectured to tens of thousands of people in 35 countries, including India, China, Morocco, Ukraine, and New Zealand.

“So what have I learned from my patients and my travels?” he asks. “Well…

  • Human beings have an amazing capacity to make sex complicated.
  • People are terribly concerned about whether their sexuality is ‘normal.’
  • The internet has made both of these issues even more difficult.”

This entertaining little e-book can help you deal with your sexuality today. These remarkable essays encourage you to find and use your authentic sexual voice. They will help you think about sex the way you think about other familiar things, and to apply your everyday intelligence, communication skills, and common sense to sex.

Part I talks about Marty’s patients—people just like you. Part II talks about the sexual issues we all wonder about, such as erections, who initiates, fantasies, boob jobs, porn, and sexual disappointment.

Every fast-paced, straight-talking article will remind you that to enjoy sex, you don’t need special rules—no special ethics, no special inhibitions, no special vocabulary or facts. Just be yourself, accept your body as it is, and talk to your partner as if you were in the kitchen or the car.

Marty shows you how.

And if you’re a therapist, this book will not only help relieve your Bedroom Blues—you’ll also see how to apply Marty’s Therapist Wisdom with your patients.