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Obituary: Stan Dale, Sexual Pioneer

Stan Dale, founder of the Human Awareness Institute and leader of hundreds of sexuality/intimacy workshops, died last week at age 78. I didn’t take to Stan when we first met 17 years ago. He was just too damned happy. And way too loving, considering we barely knew each other. But he was relentless. He had decided we were going to be friends, not just colleagues. Eventually, he melted my heart. That was the first thing I learned about Stan: the guy was dangerous. And fierce. Stan sometimes said we were like two sides of a coin—me, educating people out there…

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“Daddy, What’s That?”

“Daddy, what’s that?” “It’s a vending machine. You put in a dollar and buy something.” “Like a soda machine? Does it sell soda? I want a soda.” “Yes, like a soda machine. No, it doesn’t sell soda.” “What does it sell?” “Stuff for adults.” “Like what?” “Condoms.” “What’s that?” “Condoms are what people use when they have sex, and they don’t want to create a baby, and it also helps keep them healthy.” “So why are they here in the bathroom at the airport?” “They have these machines in all the bathrooms of the Vancouver airport.” “But people don’t have…

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Your Conditions for Enjoyable Sex

In his classic 1978 book “Male Sexuality” (now available as “The New Male Sexuality”), Dr. Bernie Zilbergeld discussed the concept of conditions for good sex. He said that everyone has conditions, or requirements, for enjoying sex. I believe conditions can be divided into three categories: those about ourselves, about the environment, and about our partner.

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