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As Our Orange Tree Sighs After Sex Again

April 15 is a day of pain for most Americans, but at my house, it’s a day of looking out the window and seeing sex. Although our orange trees create fruit all year round, mid-April is when the oranges get sweet enough to make juice every morning. And mid-April is when our plum and apricot trees show their tiny little green fruits, making their annual journey to summertime lushness. And mid-April is when our bright red tulips come out of the ground and preen, shaming the simpler yellow daffodils that have already come and gone. Mid-April is when the freesia…

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Sex Offenders? Torture & Hanging Are Next

Ohio wants to be the first state to require sex offenders and child predators to have special fluorescent license plates. The reason is the same old excuse behind the rest of the billion-dollar let’s-segregate-the-molesters industry: “helping families make informed decisions for themselves and their children,” as State Senator Keven Coughlin of Cuyahoga Falls says. Decisions about what? “Quick, change lanes, we don’t want to be behind a molester.” “Honey, don’t wear that belly blouse and mini-skirt outside, there’s a molester’s car parked across the street.” I’m still trying to get data on other laws that publicly tag molesters after they’re…

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Airport Scanner Discovers Familiar Truth

The country’s first full-body scanning machine has been installed in the Phoenix airport. Used in secondary screening, it automatically looks through passengers’ clothing for guns and explosives. If the phone booth-size thing works out, it will soon appear in New York, L.A., and other airports. [Note to younger readers: a “phone booth” is where folks used to go to have the private conversations we no longer have.] Some people are fine with the new machine, enjoying the illusion of increased security. But others, of course, feel upset that the people operating the machines can “see” their bodies. According to The…

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