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Bill Baird: Birth Control (& Abortion) Hero Turns 90

If you’ve ever used birth control, or if you cherish Roe v Wade, you are in debt to Bill Baird. Today is his 90th birthday.

Do you remember when it was illegal to send condoms through the U.S. mail? Do you remember when all forms of contraception were illegal for unmarried people?

Baird personally changed this.

And paid a huge personal price—including imprisonment 8 different times.

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Kentanji Brown Jackson, Child Porn, & QAnon

Republican senators grilling Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson claim she’s either a child pornographer, a child molester, or an enthusiastic supporter of both.

Amoral senators like Cruz, Cotton, Lee, and the gutless Lindsay Graham threw feces at the judge for days, hoping to win points with their QAnon followers, most of whom believe that our government is controlled by “Satan-worshipping pedophiles” and “elite child sex-trafficking rings.”

QAnon and these senators are obsessed with childhood sexuality and molestation to a degree that cries out for mental health intervention.

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Jerry Falwell, Jr. Gives Sex A Bad Name

Jerry Falwell, Jr, the president of ultra-Christian Liberty University gleefully photographed himself cavorting (trousers unzipped, drink in hand) on a yacht with a woman to whom he isn’t married.

The only reason to care about this is that Liberty University has a strict code of conduct for students that prohibits non-marital sex and consuming any media with erotic content or nudity.

Hypocritical Christian leaders like Falwell give sex a bad name.

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