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Nine Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Sex

People pay a lot of money to go to sex therapy. And people spend a lot of time reading self-help books, blogs, and magazine articles, not to mention watching YouTube videos. It’s all to find out one or more of the following about sexuality: * If they’re normal * If their partner is normal * How to get their body to do what they want it to * How to get their partner’s body to do what they want it to * What their partner wants in bed * How to tell their partner what they want in bed *…

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Anal Toy Freakout

Bob and Anne have been married for 10 years, more or less happily.

Last month she found an anal toy in the back of her husband’s sock drawer and freaked out. She then went through his website searches and found he’d been look at transgender porn. She freaked out more. She also found that he had searched a few sites looking for “grannies in Toronto,” which is where they live.

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