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City Can’t Handle a Little Sex-Change Operation

So after 14 years, excellent performance ratings and another raise just last year, the Largo, FL city manager was fired for announcing his upcoming sex-change operation. The City Commission fired him because he had “violated their trust” and “caused a major disruption.” What the City Commission members mean is, “Wow, you’re confusing me! Making me uncomfortable! Making it impossible to ignore my own sexual beliefs! If you don’t stop, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll send you away so we can zip our existential terror right back up.” These five men and women actually think they have the right to vote on Steven…

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“Pfizer Made Me Do It”

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is suing Pfizer for allegedly promoting “recreational use” of Viagra. They say that such promotion has led to risky sexual behavior, leading to an increase in HIV and other STDs. There is some evidence that men who have sex with men are increasingly using drugs like Viagra to overcome the erection problems caused by alcohol, ecstasy, and crystal meth. Nevertheless, the lawsuit is a chance to revisit some questions we think are raised by erection drugs. For starters, what exactly is “recreational use” of Viagra? No one “needs” an erection (not even to conceive, although it…

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Store-Bought Erections

Take all the predictions of Jules Verne, Nostradamus, and Ray Bradbury. Throw in the scary prophecies of TV evangelists, the best scammers of the Psychic Friends Network, and just for fun, Nancy Reagan’s astrologer.
None of these visionaries or soothsayers predicted one of the oddest medical breakthroughs of our age. No, it isn’t a cure for cancer or AIDS. It’s a pill that creates erections: a half-hour after taking it, if a man gets any mental or physical stimulation at all, he gets hard.

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