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I’m Tired of (Some) Erections

I’m tired of erections. Well, not all erections.

I’m tired of the erections that people think are so meaningful when they don’t get them. As in, “I don’t get erections, so there’s something wrong with me.” Or “He doesn’t get erections, which means he doesn’t care for me.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sympathetic about people’s concerns. But…

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Is There A Universal Sexual Desire?

I was on a podcast yesterday when the interviewer (call her Claire) said something like “Well, of course everyone wants to feel connected during sex.”

“No,” I replied. “Well, no grownup really wants sex to be like, just two bodies hammering away at each other.” Again I disagreed: “Sometimes grownups do,” I said.

She was both exasperated and curious. “Well, if connection isn’t the universal thing people want from sex, what is?” “There isn’t a universal thing that everyone wants from sex,” I said. She…

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Back to School—Don’t Forget About Sex

For parents and kids of all ages, it’s back-to-school time.

And while mastering reading and writing are unquestionably important for young people, sexuality is pretty important, too. That’s because of an intense brew of emotions, norms, laws, and cultural change that grammar school, high school, and college students face in 2019.

So let’s talk about some common concerns that parents have. The following apply to children of all ages.

~ Information and words won’t hurt young people.

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