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Salman Rushdie and America’s “Words Are Violence” Movement

If you are outraged about the attempted assassination of Salman Rushdie, consider these two facts:

~ Across the world, many Muslims consider Rushdie’s words to be violence. Therefore they say actual violence against him is justified.

~ These days, many Americans also say that words are violence. They therefore want some voices silenced or denied a public forum.

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New Book Really Delivers “Sizzling Sex”

Michael Castleman is the world’s most popular sex writer.

In his wonderful new book “Sizzling Sex,” Castleman cheerfully guides readers of all ages through the mess that Americans have made out of sex. He has always emphasized scientific evidence with an approach that supports every person’s authentic sexuality.

Whether you’re a virgin, a senior citizen needing reassurance, or a couple who wants to try a few new things, this practical, reassuring book is for you.

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Bill Baird: Birth Control (& Abortion) Hero Turns 90

If you’ve ever used birth control, or if you cherish Roe v Wade, you are in debt to Bill Baird. Today is his 90th birthday.

Do you remember when it was illegal to send condoms through the U.S. mail? Do you remember when all forms of contraception were illegal for unmarried people?

Baird personally changed this.

And paid a huge personal price—including imprisonment 8 different times.

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