Online Therapy

Our lives are now completely disrupted.

And yet relationships go on, parenting goes on, and sexuality goes on. For some, work goes on.

Whatever made these things hard is still there. And now there are unique challenges making things even harder.

Sadly, this is a time when it will be easy to damage our relationships, families, and job. People will say things they regret. There will be less hugging (social distancing), less sex (either no partner or no privacy), less graciousness (as patience frays).

The support of a professional therapist can help prevent this—and can help you grow during this crisis.

Whether the format is sex therapy, couples counseling, or individual counseling, you can:

  • Develop more patience
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Laugh more
  • Be better friends with your partner
  • Maintain your sexual self
  • Manage conflict better
  • Be a better parent
  • Resolve sexual dysfunction
  • Deal with your emotions better
  • Handle disappointment
  • Manage sexual desire, pornography, & fantasies

I’m now doing all couples & individual sessions by video.

If you’ve hesitated to see me before because of the distance, now’s your chance. Video technology shrinks that distance, making it possible for us to meet confidentially, personally, effectively.

For over thirty years I’ve been working in Silicon Valley, with people from a wide range of backgrounds: people from India, China, and elsewhere, from various religious backgrounds (as well as atheists), with various relationship styles (polyamory, BDSM, long-term monogamy, etc.), and with all the human and intimacy issues you can imagine—such as infidelity, chronic arguing, sexual dysfunction, and difficulty expressing emotions.

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For information or to book a session: 650/856-6533 (10am-10pm Pacific time) or

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