Does Jesus Love Shortstops?

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Although I wrote this for Sexual Intelligence last year, it’s especially timely now that the Rockies are in the World Series.

The latest institution to seize and abuse Christianity is Major League Baseball. The Colorado Rockies now acknowledge that they actively seek out Christians when acquiring new players. There are Bible quotes on locker room walls, prayer meetings, and a lack of girlie mags and rap music.

The Coors family (which founded and bankrolls the team and its stadium) has a long history of union-busting, anti-choice philanthropy, and racism. And yet the team has been explicitly looking for players with “character”—a word apparently limited exclusively to those who have accepted Jesus as their personal savior.

This is just another way that religion is being thrust onto a public which did not ask for it. A baseball team is a quasi-public resource, which gets enormous tax breaks, community sponsorship, media coverage, etc. This new revelation is a great reason to root against the Rockies, although they seem to fail without such help. But with major league baseball teams in Atlanta, Phoenix, Miami, and elsewhere increasingly scheduling Faith Days (complete with Christian music and testimonials), it’s getting hard to find a team to root for.

Besides, just as baseball winds down in the fall, football gears up. The ever-present “John 3:16” signs behind every goal-post make every point-after kick another moment of enforced religious propaganda.

And these are the people who say they are persecuted by an anti-Christian culture? What an odd idea when every government office in America closes on Jesus’ birthday.

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