Frank Rich: President’s “War Against Sex”

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New York Times columnist Frank Rich is a wonderful writer with a terrific nose for selfish, hypocritical politicians who abuse their power. He’s written frequently about the dangers of letting one group of people define “morality,” “decency,” and “family values” for the nation.

Today Rich wrote about Senator Vitter’s recently-exposed sexual transgressions, which Vitter pursued even while damning the morality of a substantial part of the nation. Rich used this as a hook to write 1,000 words on the President’s failed “war against sex.” He notes various draconian public policies that for six years have championed abstinence for the unmarried, punished cuss words on television, prevented the surgeon general from discussing condoms, reduced the availability of abortion, and demonized gays as a threat to the nation.

Rich might have also noted how the Republicans have created a child-abduction and child-molestation hysteria unknown anywhere else in the world, and nurtured an anti-pornography industry that has poisoned American psychotherapy, zoning policies, divorce courts, and wasted what’s left of the Justice Department.

I salute Frank Rich for recognizing America’s War on Sex—which happens to be the title and subject of my latest book. More people will read his column today than will read my book in the coming decade. Hopefully, many will be moved to outrage and action. Ideally, many will read tomorrow’s newspaper with a different eye.

Frank, I’d love a mention in a followup column. At the very least, how about lunch?

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