My Next Seminars for Therapists: 1) Infidelity; 2) Intakes & First Sessions

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My next two seminars for therapists (and physicians, social workers, and other clinicians) will be May 1 and 2 at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, CA. Once again, I’m an invited speaker for the annual meeting of the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists. The seminars are described below; click here for registration information.

Affairs & Infidelity: Betrayal, Negotiation, Reconciliation, Self-Esteem

This presentation examines how to help couples recover from infidelity–and common clinical ideas which can undermine that recovery. Participants will learn how to sort out individual and relationship issues as we address questions like:
• Why are affairs so common?
• How much is sex an issue in a particular affair?
• How can we help shape a couple’s power dynamics after an affair (and why should we)?
• What existential issues must we help both parties confront after an affair—and how?

Intakes & First Sessions: Making An Impact While Collecting Information

What are our goals for the first hour? How does this session relate to subsequent ones? Early sessions are about figuring out what special information we need to understand this client—and collecting that information effectively.

We will examine how to generate a tentative treatment plan on the run, providing the reflection, challenges, and relationship the client(s) seems to need. We’ll look at typical client reactions, and how to integrate these into additional early session interventions.

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