New New York Governor & Wife: ‘We Had Affairs’ (Yawn. Yay!)

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It’s a great country when a blind black man can become governor of the nation’s most important state.

And David Paterson, within hours of his inauguration, made it an even better country by discussing the extramarital sex he and his wife Michelle each had several years ago.

Their acknowledgment was elegant in its frankness, lack of apology, and limit on details. “I didn’t want to be compromised, I didn’t want to be blackmailed,” stated Paterson. He said he hoped his openness would help New Yorkers trust him and help everyone move forward to focus on governing.

What an amazing idea: a politician admitting he has a normal life—including sexual complications—and getting on with his job. “I betrayed a commitment to my wife several years ago, and I do not feel I’ve betrayed my commitment to the citizens of New York State. I haven’t broken any laws, I don’t think I’ve violated my oath of office, and I saw this as a private matter.”

This sets a new standard for political discourse:
· News media will now have to prove that a politician’s sexual behavior is actually newsworthy.
· Anti-sex “morality” groups will now have to prove that a politician’s private life has relevance to his/her qualifications.
· All this hypocritical, neo-feminist criticism of political wives who choose to publicly support unfaithful husbands (Mmes. Spitzer, McGreevy, Clinton, etc.) can now stop.

At least, that’s what should happen.

By telling the truth, the Patersons put sex right where it belongs: in the realm of other people’s private lives. Bor-ing. With Britney Spears being the most googled term for six of the last seven years, Americans need the news to be way more boring.

Yesterday, Michelle Paterson said “A marriage is going to have peaks and valleys, so I want to show my kids how to get through them and how to work through them, because no marriage is perfect.”

There is nothing more Godly, no leadership more competent, than that.

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