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What Women Tell Me They Hate About Porn

It’s fascinating what people blame on porn–such as a husband behaving like a selfish jerk.

You might as well blame food for obesity, or cars for dangerous driving, or kids for bad parenting. Of course, obesity involves food, dangerous driving involves cars, and bad parenting involves kids. But if you want to understand problematic behavior, you have to look past the surface.

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The 7 Most Common Questions About Sex—Still

I’ve been a licensed marriage & family therapist and sex therapist since 1980. Since then I’ve been asked a jillion questions about sex—and in all that time the questions haven’t changed.

These are the questions of both men and women, old and young, of all orientations and levels of experience. Whether someone is kinky, vanilla, or in-between, here are the most common questions people ask about sex.

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