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Sexual Desire: Therapy’s Dirty Little Secret

Sexual desire.

Therapists don’t understand enough about it. We know a little about what diminishes desire, even less about what enhances it.

Oh, we know one thing about how desire works in relationships: for many people, you treat them poorly and they want sex less. But with a lot of people, you treat them well and they don’t want sex more.

And someone whose sexual desire is simply turned off? We don’t know much about how to turn it on.

Good therapists know how to fix certain aspects of desire…

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Why There’s No Such Thing As Sex Addiction—and Why It Matters

Sex addiction is a convenient explanation for the destructive behavior of people driven mad by shame and Christian demands for sexual purity.

But the problem is shame, not sex. Treating shame, sexual ignorance, and relationship problems can actually cure people–so they don’t have to be addicts in recovery for the rest of their lives.

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