Condom instructions

Q: I am a male virgin, soon to be married. I want to know the proper use of condoms. Which are the best? Should I use a lubricant?

Dr. Klein: Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Condoms will make a wonderful contribution to your life–if you use them properly. Here are the steps:

  1. Use only latex (rubber) condoms–not lambskin or “natural.” Any popular brand is fine.
  2. Always use a new condom; never reuse one.
  3. If possible, tear open the package a few minutes (not a few days!) before you actually use it.
  4. Unroll it just one turn so you can see which side is the inside and which is the outside. Put a few drops of lubricant on your penis to increase the transmission of body heat and to help keep it on.
  5. Put the condom on before putting your penis inside your wife, even if you’re only going to be in her for a moment, or you are confident you will not ejaculate. Remember, you don’t have to ejaculate to get someone pregnant.
  6. During intercourse, reach down periodically to make sure the condom is still fully on your penis.
  7. When you finish intercourse, reach down and hold the condom’s rubber ring against your body so that the condom stays on your penis when you withdraw from your wife. You can then dispose of it without spilling semen inside of her.

Keep in mind that either of you can put the condom on you, and you can kiss and caress while the condom is going on. There is no need to be silent or embarrassed about putting on or using a condom–it’s something that helps make sex more enjoyable. I suggest you and your wife practice in the light before using a condom for real the first time. This will help you do it right, and relieve any nervousness.