Ejaculation power

Q: Why do some men squirt when they ejaculate and others dribble? Is there anything my boyfriend can do to have stronger ejaculations?

Dr. Klein: The force of ejaculation (as well as the quantity) varies from individual to individual. Certainly, the third or fourth ejaculation in a 24-hour period is generally weaker than the first. And as men age, their force of their ejaculation inevitably decreases.
If your boyfriend likes, he can try kegels, exercises that strengthen the muscles that control ejaculation. To do so, squeeze as if you are stopping the flow of urine, hold for five seconds, then release. Repeat 20 times three times a day for a month.
If this sounds like a hassle (for a male or a female), it is. Other than possibly improving the chances of conception a tiny bit, why would someone care about the strength of their own, or their partner’s ejaculation?


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