Female Frontal Nudity

Q: I recently realized that I don’t know very much about women’s bodies, so I went looking for pictures to help me understand them. It’s harder than you think! I don’t understand why explicit frontal views of men are so readily available but not of females. Can you direct me to some helpful photos?

Dr. Klein: To see photos of female genitalia, see the book Femalia, published by Down There Press. It’s exquisite, and shows the incredible variety of how vulvas actually look. For pictures online, see www.sexuality.org or www.clitoris-information.com/clitoris.html.

The variety of women’s genitalia results in much mystery. With some women, the labia and clitoral hood are large, and easily seen when a woman is nude. Other women’s labia are so small or shaped so vertically that they can’t be seen unless a woman’s legs are spread and you look very closely.