“Kinda had sex”

Q: I am a 16 year old female and I have a question. I have never had sex before, although my boyfriend has. Recently we kinda had sex. He entered me (without a condom), but did not ejaculate. Could I still get pregnant? What is the best way of finding out without letting my parents know? I am so confused and worried.

Dr. Klein: You didn’t “kinda” have sex–you had sex. And yes, even though he didn’t ejaculate, you could become pregnant as a result. That’s because drops of fluid (“pre-come”) ooze out of the penis when a man is excited. That fluid has millions of sperm in it. I suggest you go to your local Planned Parenthood or County Health Department and ask for a pregnancy test. They can also give you condoms if you want.

Why did you have sex without a condom? Becoming pregnant will change your life forever. And why did your boyfriend take this risk? Have you two talked about sex really honestly? If you want to enjoy sex together, talking about it in DETAIL is the first step.