Mutual climax

Q: I’ve been married for 26 years, and I’ve never made my wife climax. We’ve tried almost every type of sex imaginable–oral sex, masturbating, and plenty of handplay in addition to screwing. Now I’ve started coming too fast. How can my wife and I reach a mutual climax?

Dr. Klein: It takes a great deal of effort and self-consciousness for two people to climax at the same time–when it’s possible at all. The resulting 3 or 4 seconds of intimacy hardly seems worth sacrificing the rest of lovemaking for. Now you are wrestling with the predictable results of the performance pressure–coming more quickly than you would like to. I encourage you to abandon the arbitrary goal of “mutual climax” and enjoy the variety of sex you two can apparently enjoy together. When you do, your rapid ejaculation should evaporate, leaving only the pleasure.


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