Penile enlargements

Q: I see more and more advertisements for penile enlargements, either with a machine or by a doctor. Do these work? Are they safe?

Dr. Klein: There are no machines or exercises that can enlarge a penis. It just does not have the kind of tissue that can bulk up like your biceps. A few urologists currently advertise a procedure that enlarges the penis. It involves fat injections that increase penile diameter, not length. Unfortunately, the fat is not stable over time, and the shape of the penis can change. Also, the fat is often absorbed by the body over time, which can reduce the penis back to its original size.

Some doctors cut the ligament that connects the shaft of the penis to the pelvis. This creates the illusion of increased length, but it doesn’t actually add any size to the penis. Neither of these procedures is 100 percent safe. More to the point, neither is necessary. Penis size has very little to do with sexual pleasure for either the man or his partner.