Pubic Hair Removal

Q: I am very fortunate: my husband loves to give me oral sex, and of course I love it, too. The problem is that he prefers doing it without my pubic hair. So I began to shave my pubic hair. I thought that my skin would get used to this, but no, I’m in a permanent hell, it burns soooooo much. He suggests I use a depilatory cream, but I think it could be dangerous. Maybe I’m wrong, but I would like to know an expert’s opinion before trying.

Dr. Klein: It sounds like you don’t really want to get rid of your pubic hair. You seem to feel you have to in order to get your husband to continue oral sex, or to show your gratitude. There is no perfectly comfortable way to remove pubic hair. If you don’t want the hassles, don’t do it–and tell your husband that you’re counting on him to continue giving you the best sex any woman’s ever had. If he loves you, he’ll surely understand that nothing is worth you having discomfort. I bet he’ll be able to enjoy oral sex with you just as much, especially if you encourage him.
You can, of course, trim the length of your public hair with a pair of scissors. Just don’t try to get too close to the skin, and don’t try to do it perfectly.