Refusing oral sex

Q: I am a 43 year old virgin. I have read that most couples have oral sex now a days. I don’t want this in a relationship. Can you have a good sex life without doing oral sex or does every man expect oral sex from their partner? My three married sisters all say they have never given or received it, and my mother says that in her time only prostitutes did things like that. Are there still men out there who don’t want oral sex?

Dr. Klein: It doesn’t matter what other people do. Even if you’re the only one on earth who isn’t interested, you shouldn’t do it. Some men will choose not to be involved with you because of this; others won’t care.

It’s too bad you’re not open to at least trying this intimate, loving experience before deciding you don’t want it. But as long as you have other ways of enjoying sex, it doesn’t really matter if you never do it.