Semen excites me

Q: I’m a single male in my 40’s. When I masturbate, I enjoy watching myself ejaculate. Semen is an important part of my sexual experience, both physically and visually. Discussing this with women is kind of embarrassing, but I now have a partner who doesn’t seem to mind my ejaculating in her mouth.

She suggested I taste it myself or even come in my own mouth, but I’m hesitant because of the taboos and the homosexual images I have mentally. Once in a while when I masturbate, I think I’ll try tasting it, but by the time my orgasm is over, I no longer feel curious, and the old hangups pop up. During arousal I imagine my semen in my mouth and the thought of its texture and taste is really sexy. It’s not a bi-curious thing as I am into MY sexuality during masturbation. Is this abnormal, do other men have this curiosity about their semen? Do you have any suggestions on how to do this? As soon as I come I lose interest in my semen, so it has to be during ejaculation.

Dr. Klein: First of all, the issue isn’t what’s “normal.” You’re interested in something, your partner is cooperative, and no one’s being hurt. You could simply accept your interest without referring to the number of other people similarly interested.

People’s attitudes about semen are as varied as their feelings about sex itself. There are men and women who can’t stand it, those who find it fascinating or arousing, and a large number who are simply neutral about it. People who find semen interesting often like to taste or swallow it. Others like to rub it on their own or their partner’s body. Some couples kiss passionately after fellatio, sharing a mouthful of semen. Some men enjoy cunnilingus after ejaculating into or onto their partner’s vagina.

Another way that you can taste your own ejaculate is by laying on your back while masturbating (or being stimulated). Right before you come, lean back on your shoulders and bend from the hips, raising your legs above your head, supporting your lower back with your hands. This will position your penis above your mouth so you can catch some semen when you ejaculate.