Vaginal pain

Q: My girlfriend (a virgin) is extremely sensitive in her vaginal area, and although she gets aroused and wet, as soon as even my smallest finger enters it hurts her very much. We want to have intercourse, but can’t because she can’t even accommodate a finger. Even when I give her oral sex, if my tongue goes too far into her vaginal canal, it hurts. What could be the cause of this problem? What can we do to help it?

Dr. Klein: Your partner needs to see a gynecologist or family planning health professional. She may have one of many different physical problems that can be easily treated.

On the other hand, she may have emotional discomfort about her vagina or her sexuality. Some women, for example, believe that sex before marriage is sinful or bad, and even if they want it, they aren’t comfortable with wanting it. If this is the case, she may wish to discuss this with you or with a physician or mental health professional.