Rave Reviews

Students continued discussing your wonderful presentation long after it ended.
— University of Puget Sound

Your extensive knowledge and humor made this topic comfortable for participants. Professionals overwhelmingly felt the program and your skill as a speaker were excellent.
— Stanford University, Nursing Continuing Education

Marty showed how shaping expectations & communication is valuable not only in the bedroom but also in the boardroom and in any type of relationship. Marty is funny, engaging and insightful. His thoughts on sex in different cultures will have you questioning what else you might be surprised to learn.
 Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)

Your ideas about better counseling of contraceptive clients were brilliant. Although we pride ourselves on being up‑to‑date, you broke new ground here.
— Association for Voluntary Surgical Contraception

You did an excellent job, and were well‑received by our membership.
— Certified Life Underwriters’ Association

Both the professional training and public seminars were relevant, interesting, and engaging. Your ideas on negotiating sexual reality made sex and relationships seem feasible. And you handled the equipment glitches with professional aplomb.
— The Prostate Centre, British Columbia, Canada

Participants overwhelmingly indicated that they learned a lot from you, and would welcome another workshop with you.
— The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

We couldn’t have chosen a better keynote speaker for Sexploration Week! Your presentation was enlightening, really engaged the audience, and brought in aspects of sexuality that we couldn’t have done ourselves.
— Indiana University Health Center

There were many positive comments on your keynote speech on teen sexual decision‑making. Your warmth and wit made you a welcome personality at our sessions.
— Junior League (National Replication Project)

We are still hearing positive feedback from our students about your openness and your ability to make sexuality a comfortable topic of discussion.
— University of Cincinnati Wellness Center

Your special ability to keep everyone’s attention, and make a potentially com-plex subject highly enjoyable, was reflected in the outstanding evaluations.
— Catholic Healthcare West

Thank you for an excellent workshop. You made everyone feel comfortable; we all enjoyed your sense of humor, and appreciate your sensitivity.
— Unitarian Church, Detroit

You provided us with excellent new perspectives, presented in a dynamic, effective way.
— Chengdu University, China

You gave an outstanding keynote at our annual conference, as well as a wonderful day-long training for professionals. We wholeheartedly recommend you as a keynote presenter and trainer.
— National Association of Social Workers, Indiana Chapter

Those attending your training gave it an excellent rating. They found it entertaining and informative, and we are very pleased.
— Idaho Psychological Association

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful, entertaining and educational presentation. All participants gave outstanding feedback on your workshop‑‑I regret we didn’t make this a two‑day training!
— Family Service Agency, Corning, NY

Your superb program covered a wide variety of issues in a practical, useful way, and your humor made the experience even more enjoyable.
— Stanford University Medical School

Your ability to speak to students about sex and relationships was exactly what we hoped for. Your flexible presentation style was impressive.
— Arizona State University

Your excellent presentation was comprehensive, and well received by all. We highly recommend you.
— California Academy of Family Physicians

Your expertise, sense of humor, and candor enabled our men to explore issues that they might otherwise ignore. They came away from your talk improved as men, fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, and friends.
— Wilshire Blvd. Temple

The feedback from participants was extremely positive. They were constantly learning new information, new ideas for treatment and new facts. Your presentation style kept everyone’s attention throughout the six-hour program.
— Coalition of Illinois Counselor Organizations

Evaluations show that participants appreciated both your excellent material and personal style. You made your points with tact and humor, enabling people to hear you, by preconceived ideas.
— Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit

The evaluations of your plenary session were extremely positive. We plan to invite you again next year.
— Comprehensive Review of Sexual Medicine, Vancouver

We’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from the 450 people in attendance—and a majority of them wanted more! You immediately put the audience at ease with your sense of humor and presentation style. We could not have asked for anything better.
— Mills Peninsula Women’s Health Council

You received rave reviews on the evaluations. Your expertise, sense of humor, and professionalism were very well displayed in this dynamic talk.
— Lockheed Corporation

A fantastic start to Safe Sex Week.
— University of North Dakota

You showed flexibility and a tremendous ability to engage the audience. Thanks for your professionalism, expertise, and a job well done.
— Planned Parenthood, Seattle

As the evaluations show, we all—parents & staff—learned from your well-organized, humorous, honest presentation. Thanks again for your wisdom!
— Portola Valley (CA) PTA

I love your work as a marriage counselor & as a presenter!
— Sue Johanson, “Talk Sex With Sue”

A tremendous clinical seminar. Attendees found it professionally valuable and personally meaningful.
— National Association of Social Workers, New Mexico Chapter

You are an engaging and forthright presenter; I don’t think there was a dull or irrelevant moment in either workshop. I love the way you challenge our pre-conceived notions of so much connected to clinical work.
— The Leading Edge Continuing Education Providers, Canada

You received high ratings on evaluations. Your teaching was edifying and enjoyable; you have my unqualified recommendation.
— Jeff Zeig, Milton Erickson Foundation

Participants repeatedly commented on your warmth, openness, style, and ability to hold an audience. We were struck by your passion for having us grapple with difficult clinical questions.
— Phillips Graduate Institute

Your presentation on sexual health for people with disabilities was very well received. This was an invaluable educational opportunity.
— Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital

Your second lecture to our physicians received great reviews—like the first. Your ability to put the audience at ease while introducing many thought-pro-voking and relevant suggestions led to valuable discussions and actual change.
— Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

Our students and faculty appreciate the wit and sensitivity Dr. Klein brings to his profession. We recommend him without reservation as a lecturer and recognized authority in sexology.
— Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

The student evaluations indicate that attendees were extremely impressed by the clarity of your presentation, the manner in which you spoke, and your expertise in this specialty.” You did a wonderful job.
— Santa Clara University

Dr. Klein’s dynamic presentation style, clear expertise, and winning sense of humor quickly win over even difficult audiences. His ratings are consistently high.
— National Association of Social Workers, California Chapter

Your workshop was one of the highest rated presentations. Participants found your humor, clinical experience, and ease with questions particularly valuable.
— American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, & Therapists

Your second time speaking to us was as valuable as the first. Thanks for educating us.
— First Amendment Lawyers Association

Having you as the conference keynote played an enormous part in making this our most profitable event yet. The evaluations found your presentations to be inspirational, enjoyable, and educational. Your ability to helpfully push attendees beyond their usual comfort levels will benefit our entire profession.
— National Association of Social Workers, Nebraska Chapter

Your talk on psycho‑sexual aspects of hand injuries was extremely valuable. The physicians, PTs, and OTs who attended are still talking about it. Those who missed it are quite envious.
— Northern California Association for Hand Injuries

An enlivening, zesty experience. I love your work!
— Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.

We are tremendously pleased with your full-day presentation—clear, creative, and practical, with great case examples all day long.
— National Association of Social Workers, Idaho Chapter

Your teaching program was peppered with valuable examples, and provided alternative ways of regarding various situations, and some new handles for managing difficult dilemmas.
— Board of Examiners in Sex Therapy & Counseling, Canada

You combine sensitivity, knowledge, and a down‑to‑earth style which no one could resist.
— California Lutheran College

You received the highest evaluation of the year.
— Varian Corporation

The therapists here were unanimous in their appreciation: that your unique ability to present meaningful information in a dynamic and humorous way was just what they needed.
— Phoenix Interfaith Counseling Center

Your engaging keynote address was the highlight of the conference.
— Canadian Conference on Men’s Health

Your presentation has boosted our staff’s expertise tremendously.
— University of Central Oklahoma

Your ability to make people feel at ease with the subject of sex really made the talk. Students loved it.
— University of Illinois

Your seminar was packed, and no one was disappointed. You bring expertise in sexuality, law, medicine, and public policy—a tremendous combination.
— Columbia University, School of Public Health

Your evaluations were above and beyond all of the others’. You did a great job and we look forward to working with you again.
— California Assn. of Marriage & Family Therapists