A Look Back at 2023

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Like all years, 2023 was filled with news, politics, and too much frustration around sexuality. As I have for 287 consecutive months, I published 12 more editions of Sexual Intelligence. We added new subscribers, so this is now sent to almost 8,000 people every month. That’s in addition to my blog for Psychology Today, which gets 1,100 hits per DAY.

This year I continued my ongoing look at how to make sex more enjoyable (and what people do instead):

Is sex now about enjoyment & connection, or identity & community?
How men & women cooperate to undermine sex
How alcohol makes sex way more complicated
The most common sex concerns? NOT identity or orientation
Resolving a couple’s ignorance about vaginas
I want you to have more sexual freedom

Part of that has been describing and critiquing the therapy industry and sex therapy:

When sex therapy fails
What sex therapy can’t do
Back pain, Feud, & low desire
Myths about infidelity that damage relationships

Of course, my core mission has always been to examine the social and political context of our sex lives. According to my incoming email, some readers appreciated that my work this year made them think. Others, frankly, were surprised or upset, or, well, very upset:

The dangers of the No-fap & No-nut movements
The Halloween panic about sex offenders
The Pride flag dilemma–and why it’s bad for kids
ALWAYS “believe the woman”? That’s unAmerican

The news about sexuality, as always, was mixed:

G-Spot pioneer Alice Ladas dies
NY Times blesses vibrators; Facebook rejects them
Losing abortion rights–don’t blame The Patriarchy
Why is Stormy Daniels always called an “adult film actress”?
Birth control pills now over-the-counter; will people care?

And finally, I did remind us all about some light-hearted, enjoyable moments:

“Bull Durham”–still a very funny, smart, & sexy movie
“Seinfeld”–a funny TV series with realistic sex in every episode

There were lots of important stories I didn’t cover. Since they aren’t going away, I hope to cover them in 2024, including:
~ The increasing data on de-transitioning from trans identities and surgeries;
~ An increasing number of women leaving their home state (such as Texas) specifically to get an abortion;
~ An increasing number of journals in social sciences such as psychology and sexology retracting or refusing to publish peer-reviewed studies if some people claim the research evidence is “hurtful”;
~ The increasing number of laws limiting how sexuality can be discussed in public school–and “scientific accuracy” is NOT one of the criteria;
~ People identifying as asexual increasingly insisting they’re part of queer identity–even though there’s no consensus on what “asexual” means;
~ The increasing number of states attempting to require that adults register in order to watch legal pornography on their devices.

Thanks for reading, watching, or listening to me. Here’s to a quieter 2024.
If you prefer short videos, see www.youtube.com/c/drmartyklein1
For even shorter nuggets of Sexual Intelligence, see www.instagram.com/doctormartyklein


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