Singer Stefani Censored In [where?]

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Quiz: Where did this happen?

You may know Gwen Stefani’s music. Formerly with the group No Doubt, she’s now a huge pop star. Incredible voice. Powerful stage presence. Movie-star face. Gorgeous body. An altogether thrilling artist.

Quiz: Where did this happen?

Stefani’s local stadium concert is announced. A religious student group demonstrates, demanding that the sexy star dress more modestly and turn down the heat on her stage show. Conservative critics chime in, claiming that her typically revealing costumes corrupt the country’s youth.

Stefani agrees to make changes. In a magazine interview, she says she’s making a “major sacrifice,” mourning the “opposition from people who have misunderstood me.”

On August 21 she performs in front of 7,000 cheering fans. In outfit after outfit, she reveals virtually no skin, covering herself with various dramatic layers including leotards and long gloves.

So where was the incident—Cincinnati? Little Rock? Dallas?

When you can’t tell the difference between Malaysia and the U.S., the U.S. is in trouble.

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