South Dakota Requires Doctors to Lie About Abortion

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A federal court has affirmed South Dakota’s right to require every abortion provider to tell women, in writing, that the abortion they’re about to have “will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being.”

Where are “activist judges”(those who believe in the Constitution) when you need them? Anti-choice activists would be screaming if the state tried to require doctors to say that abortion does not terminate the life of a living being—and those activists would be absolutely right.

In a disgusting expression of contempt for women—and human logic—the Christian NewsWire called the statute “a reasonable measure to protect the rights of the women of South Dakota.” That is, the rights of women to be told how to think. What to feel. What someone else’s religion dictates.

The very first sentence of the Bill of Rights says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” This statute clearly establishes a religious principle as law, and so it violates the protections given all South Dakotans by the Constitution.

The Christian NewsWire further said “We are delighted that the [court’s] majority opinion recognizes the humanity of the unborn is not a matter of ideology, but rather a simple scientific fact.”

When religious belief is portrayed as fact, a demand that licensed medical professionals tell the “truth” is actually a demand that they lie.

That’s what life’s like in South Dakota—where fetuses are more important than truth and the American Constitution.

This law advocates the overthrow of the American system of government. In any other country, that would be considered treason. Fortunately for some South Dakotans who have shackled government to religion, the American system still protects their speech.

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