Stealing Rights From the Federal Government

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Most American kids grow up knowing that the Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of the law. While the Supes take only a small number of cases each year, they provide the final possible appeal for those whose rights are stolen by local governments and corporate bullies.

While not perfect, it’s a wonderful system—which a Utah Congressman proposes to dismantle. Yes, Rep. Chris Cannon has sponsored “The Pornography Jurisdiction Limitation Act.” This would strip all federal courts, including the Supreme Court, of the right to decide whether a state or local pornography law unconstitutionally limits the freedom of expression.

That’s right, this bill proposes to exempt all state (and city, county, and zoning board) laws from being challenged as unconstitutional IF the subject is pornography. To put it a different way, the federal court system could still assess whether any law in America restricts your First Amendment right to free expression—UNLESS that law refers to pornography. In which case the Podunk Township Council can kick your constitutional butt.

What threat to our Republic could possibly drive a Congressman to such extreme measures? And by what logic could a member of our federal legislature try to destroy Americans’ right to petition our own federal judiciary?

Cannon is one more guy obsessed with pornography.

This guy is so terrified—or so enraged—that he thinks it’s necessary to steal the First Amendment from America and give it to states, cities, counties, and villages. Cannon’s goal is to support local communities in banning adult entertainment—including the Vagina Monologues, Our Body Our Selves, and HBO, whenever such a ban gets five votes and the local newspaper’s endorsement.

Cannon is a member of Congress. Other members will support this bill.

Pornography IS destroying America and what it stands for. Not watching porn—hating porn.

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