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The Pride Flag Dilemma

All kids deserve to feel accepted and safe at school.

When public schools promote Pride Month or fly the Pride flag next to the Stars & Stripes, they’re teaching kids that the best way to get adult attention–positive or negative–is to express childhood angst in the vocabulary of gender & orientation struggles.

Yes, Pride should mean acceptance of all kids. But kids who struggle with other issues—such as an alcoholic parent, a years-long bout of intense acne, early puberty, or guilt about masturbation–don’t get the same attention, aren’t perceived as cool, and don’t have nearly the same community or sense of identity.

Of course there are kids who struggle about gender

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Cancelling Barrett Makes Us As Bad As She Is

Hundreds of publishing professionals demand that Penguin Random House terminate its contract to publish Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s new book—because she voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Preventing the publication of Justice Barratt’s book because of one of her votes is a bigger danger to America than any of her votes.

And I say that while believing that Barratt is a dangerous religious fanatic.

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Should Schools Be Allowed to Deceive Parents?

I trust most children to accurately know if they’re hungry, cold, or need a bathroom. I don’t trust children to accurately know if they require medicine, should take math class, or need to lose weight.

Do you?

I trust children to know if they feel uncomfortable, unhappy, lonely, isolated, or different. I don’t trust children to know the best ways to resolve those feelings (it’s our job to teach them). And the more extreme their suggestions are, the less we should trust them.

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