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International Human Rights Day MUST Include Sexual Rights

Yesterday was International Human Rights Day. On such a day, we think of journalists and political activists who are jailed, tortured or killed; people so poor they have no toilets or clean water; people forced to live under brutal religious or political regimes; and children deprived of school, sold into heavy labor, or forced into rebel militias. That’s all so far away, though, isn’t it? So let’s talk about America. Let’s discuss the systematic government oppression of our human rights—our sexual human rights. EVERY human being has the fundamental right to: * accurate information about sexuality * local access to…

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Tiger’s Sex “Scandal” is About…Sex

OK, it turns out the guy slept with a few other women besides his wife. My first question about revelations like this (other than the way they frequently undo hypocritical conservative lawmakers) is always “who cares?” My second question is, “with non-politicians, why does the public feel it has a right to know?” I’ve never heard a good answer to this, but today, my local sports columnist Mark Purdy gave the silliest, most disingenuous answer I’ve ever heard: because it possibly affected Tiger’s game. Yeah, right—it has nothing to do with America’s insatiable appetite for excuses to leer about sex.…

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