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Fight the Anti-sex Religious Right, Not Capitalism

OK, let’s agree that the major drug companies are in it for the money. Or, if you prefer, that they’re blood-sucking capitalists. Exactly like the makers of cars, gameboys, and everything else we wear, drive, eat, and use. That agreed, the sudden vicious attack on Merck, maker of the HPV vaccine Gardisil, is a classic example of progressive people shooting, er, vaccine-ing themselves in the foot. As we wrote last year, here’s a vaccine that could wipe out the majority of cervical cancer in our lifetime; all we’d have to do is vaccinate girls before they become sexually active. Sex-phobic…

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Airport Scanner Discovers Familiar Truth

The country’s first full-body scanning machine has been installed in the Phoenix airport. Used in secondary screening, it automatically looks through passengers’ clothing for guns and explosives. If the phone booth-size thing works out, it will soon appear in New York, L.A., and other airports. [Note to younger readers: a “phone booth” is where folks used to go to have the private conversations we no longer have.] Some people are fine with the new machine, enjoying the illusion of increased security. But others, of course, feel upset that the people operating the machines can “see” their bodies. According to The…

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