‘war on sex’

It’s NOT A War on Women

Criminalizing surgical abortion and abortion pills, demonizing fertility treatments like IVF, limiting contraceptive access and the Morning After pill—many media call this a War on Women.

No it isn’t.

As I first described in my 2012 book, it’s a War On Sex.

Framing this as a War on Women is a political mistake. It’s why there hasn’t been sufficient outcry from men about these various limits on THEIR rights.

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Go Tell The Government You Watch Porn

More than half of all Americans live in states that now (or by year’s end) will require them to prove they’re adults in order to access most legal porn sites.

How can you prove you’re a grownup? By uploading your driver’s license, passport, mortgage or employment record.

Raise your hand if you want to share that kind of data with the government—in the context of watching porn, no less.

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The Scariest Halloween Goblin: Sex Offenders

Every Halloween, in virtually every community, some obsessed individuals play out their heroic rescue fantasies by scaring everyone else about the dangers our precious kids face from strangers waiting to molest them.

Websites, local newspapers, TV morning shows, and activist groups dutifully repeat the same story: that people on Sex Offender Registries right in your own town are treacherous.

And yet the data…

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