‘war on sex’

The Scariest Halloween Goblin: Sex Offenders

Every Halloween, in virtually every community, some obsessed individuals play out their heroic rescue fantasies by scaring everyone else about the dangers our precious kids face from strangers waiting to molest them.

Websites, local newspapers, TV morning shows, and activist groups dutifully repeat the same story: that people on Sex Offender Registries right in your own town are treacherous.

And yet the data…

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Roy Moore is NOT a Pedophile. He’s a Traitor.

I’ve been writing about Roy Moore for almost fifteen years.

Roy Moore has a 35-year record of political activity and belief that disqualifies him from public office in America.

This has very little to do with his taste for teenage females. And, contrary to what some breathless headlines say, Roy Moore is not a pedophile.

Pedophiles are sexually attracted to PRE-pubescent males and/or females. Every expert in this complex field agrees that a large percentage of pedophiles (probably half or more) NEVER touch a single child inappropriately. As a group, pedophiles are no more powerless over their sexual desires than any other non-psychotic group.

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