Case Consultation Group: The Architecture of Intimacy

My twice-monthly case consultation group resumes in April 2021.

The internet and COVID may have changed the world, but the human heart hasn’t changed. People still yearn to connect, and still find it hard. People still break their promise of sexual fidelity. People still have trouble talking to their mates about important things. And people are still angry or hurt, or both, and can’t manage their feelings very well.

Almost every client or couple wants “more intimacy.” But how do you help people pursue this elusive treasure in ways that will transform them? How do you help clients deal with their frustration when they know the problem is somebody else?

Join me and colleagues across the U.S. & Europe to discuss individual and couples cases of all kinds involving intimacy.

We’ll address a wide range of common clinical topics, including power dynamics, communication, and conflict management. I’ll ask some unexpected questions, share some exciting counter-intuitive perspectives, consider cultural issues, and even help us look at possible counter-transference. Examples of cases we typically discuss are:

~ One partner wants sex more than the other, and their frequency is going down
~ When he starts feeling attached to a new partner, he starts picking fights
~ She complains her wife doesn’t talk about her feelings, and her wife says she doesn’t know what the big fuss is
~ They quarrel about chores; she agrees to do X, and when she forgets (again), he overreacts, which she then disregards as “controlling”
~ She and his mother don’t get along, and she complains that he sides with his mother; he feels she’s insecure and unreasonable

Here’s your chance to work with a Master Therapist, learning new ways to deal with all of your cases–in a lively, fun environment.

Prior to each session, two group members will each prepare a one-page outline of a case. During the session the group will ask helpful questions. I’ll analyze the case and respond on both theoretical and practical levels. Sometimes we’ll do some role-play.

The group will meet by Zoom on 5 alternate Thursdays (11am-12:30pm PDT):
April 22
May 6 & 20
June 3 & 17

You’ll get a recording of each session in case you can’t attend live.

The cost for 5 sessions is $109–only $99 before April 9.  REGISTER NOW!         

Questions? Just phone or email me: