“You are NOT the boss of me”: Helping couples reduce & manage conflict

A lot of our couples in conflict say they have a “communication problem.” Some of them do. But most couples communicate clearly–they just don’t like what they hear from each other: I don’t value your needs; I don’t trust you; I feel inhibited with you; I don’t think you care about me; we want different things from life. Those are the real messages behind behaviors like chronic “forgetting,” broken agreements, and hurtful sarcasm.

How do we help people face and resolve issues like these? How do we assess what exactly needs to change so people can reduce the frequency, intensity, and impact of conflict?

People in conflict: That’s the heart of therapy practice–couples who can’t stop fighting, and individuals who can’t create satisfying relationships at home or at work.


In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to:

  • help people identify what they’re really arguing about–and teach them to look beyond the content of a given conflict.
  • help people identify if a given conflict is due primarily to the architecture of their relationship, or their own inadequate interpersonal skills
  • help clients see their narratives of failure, of powerlessness, of isolation–and how these undermine their efforts to cooperate.
  • highlight clients’ beliefs about the radical differences between men and women–and how these prevent both partners from feeling understood
  • help people learn to “fight fair”
  • assess each partner’s vision of the relationship; are they still negotiating which marriage to have?
  • help people make and keep their agreements–for IMMEDIATE clinical success
  • dismantle the myth of the “bad temper” and gender stereotypes that limit people’s sense of agency
  • help people identify and face their developmental and existential challenges so they can be more present in their relationships–especially before, during, and after conflict
  • when a client’s autonomy issues interfere with conflict management—and how to handle this


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