Upcoming Appearances



April 19, 2024–Live Webinar, 4 CEUs

Intimacy skills: Teaching patients to communicate, manage conflict, & keep agreements
Modern Sex Therapy Institutes


August 24-25, 2024–Montreal, Canada

The sex field isn’t ready for robots–we’re not even ready for people
International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots

September 28, 2024–Live Webinar, 3 CEUs

Helping Clients Make Better Decisions
Zur Institute

November 1, 2024–Berkeley, CA

Sexual Intelligence: What We Really Want From Sex, & How To Get It
Human Potential Conference: Sex, Love, & Rock’n’Roll

November 8th, 2024–Live Webinar, 1 CEU

There Is Such a Thing as “Men”; Is There Such a Thing as “Masculinity”?
“Masculinity Matters” Conference, KissAndTellMagazine