Virginia Protects People From Themselves, Not From Gunmen

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There will always be depressed, suicidal, and psychotic people among us. No democratic country can completely shelter us from the occasional outbreak of mental illness we saw in Blacksburg 10 days ago.

But a disturbed man was able to fire 170 shots in 9 minutes. He could only do that by owning a special kind of gun that holds special ammunition. The Virginia legislature should be ashamed that it hasn’t protected Virginians from these weapons of mass destruction.

What have local legislators been doing to protect Virginians?
* Passing legislation to limit where adult bookstores can locate
* Limiting the hours strip clubs can operate, criminalizing lapdances, and raising the minimum age of strippers (you can now be old enough to marry but not be old enough to strip)
* Arresting small business people for selling magazines and videos showing happy people having sex
* Attempting to criminalize all abortion if the Supreme Court cooperates
* Attempting to persuade teens that condoms don’t work, and that sex is bad for you.

In other words, the government of Virginia is working hard to protect its citizens from themselves, rather than from actual danger out in the world. Virginia could criminalize semi-automatic weapons. Virginia could put more than a few token dollars into the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Virginia could instruct its peace officers to ignore victimless crimes, rather than paying them to go to strip clubs night after night collecting “evidence.”

The responsibility for Seung-Hui Cho’s killing spree lies with him. But there’s also blood on the hands of Virginia’s sex-obsessed government.

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