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It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to one of the best sex education websites in the history of the world: www.MyBeautifulSexLife.com.

Designed for high school and college students—and terrific for grownups of all ages—it’s accurate, relevant, and funny.

The producer is psychologist and college lecturer (the NCAA even asked him to speak to college athletes) Dr. Paul Joannides. The author and publisher of the famous Guide to Getting It On, Paul has been experimenting with various ways of educating young adults about sex for a very long time.

Believe it or not, the material on this website changes daily. Paul’s idea is to use catchy phrases, accurate line drawings, and brief, often-funny paragraphs to convey a single message at a time. Topics include what young people care about most: orgasms, “performance,” consent, anatomy, and communication. Here’s a sample of today’s items:

* Enough with the anal obsession! (Contradicting porn’s depiction that everyone’s doing, and loving, anal sex.)
* Guys describe how their up waking-up vs. hot-for-you erections feel
* A reminder about the effectiveness and convenience of IUDs
* The relationship of the vagina, bladder, and uterus—via a TSA image
* Most women’s breasts are 2 different sizes

The site is steadfastly oriented toward enhancing pleasure and closeness rather than preventing disease and disaster. Which do you think people pay more attention to?

I love that this site talks about sex as it really is, discussing topics that people really want to know about. That’s a big contrast to the watered-down abstractions that so many sex ed and self-help programs use—which reflect society’s discomfort with using proper adult words for body parts and common activities.

There isn’t a euphemism to be seen here. The site’s incredibly simple design encourages people to forward the helpful drawings and wry slogans to friends and lovers. For real expertise on real subjects (as a bonus, you’ll smile, too), check it out.

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