Cancelling Barrett Makes Us As Bad As She Is

Hundreds of publishing professionals demand that Penguin Random House terminate its contract to publish Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s new book—because she voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Preventing the publication of Justice Barratt’s book because of one of her votes is a bigger danger to America than any of her votes.

And I say that while believing that Barratt is a dangerous religious fanatic.

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Bill Baird: Birth Control (& Abortion) Hero Turns 90

If you’ve ever used birth control, or if you cherish Roe v Wade, you are in debt to Bill Baird. Today is his 90th birthday.

Do you remember when it was illegal to send condoms through the U.S. mail? Do you remember when all forms of contraception were illegal for unmarried people?

Baird personally changed this.

And paid a huge personal price—including imprisonment 8 different times.

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