Sexuality & Other Presentations

Each year, thousands of people hear Marty speak at workshops, conferences, and lectures.

Marty is a dynamic presenter offering boundless energy, thought-provoking concepts, timely research, and plenty of humor. Attendees love his unpredictable question-&-answer sessions.

Marty also speaks to popular audiences like PTAs, college students, singles groups, and civic, religious, and political groups.

Whether it’s a conference keynote, all-day training workshop, or entertaining luncheon or dinner program, if the topic is sexuality, love, intimacy, or virtually any clinical issue, you can’t do better than Marty Klein: Professional. Down-to-Earth. Thought-provoking. Entertaining.

Here’s just a sample of Marty’s available programs; feel free to ask for a custom-designed program on the subject you need. Contact Marty directly at 650/856-6533 or